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Maths on Youtube

The teacher describes how he used student feedback to transform his teaching methodology and practice. His previous use of an interactive whiteboard (IWB) as a tool to support his teacher-centered lecture style had proved ineffective and inefficient. Consequently, he has adopted an approach where he prepares short video ...

Teacher resource

The packing game

The teacher explains the particular value of ICT to her own teaching area. It allows students to hear and see a language in action. She also believes that it is particularly valuable when you are teaching a language like Japanese with its own scripts. After using hardware and software in her year 7 classroom to teach vocabulary, ...

Teacher resource

Evaluating professional learning

The teacher is part time at the school, and understands the value of professional learning that is linked to teacher needs and wider school priorities. She offers to a number of her colleagues an intermediate level workshop in the use of interactive whiteboards, which will build on previous whole school professional development ...

Teacher resource

Using ICT to teach Languages

In this Year 12 language class, ICT is used as a diagnostic tool to informally assess students understanding of the vocabulary required for an oral assessment. The teacher draws on students’ prior knowledge and understanding with the use of ICT. With the use of hand-held devices and an interactive whiteboard, she is able ...

Teacher resource

The wonders of Pi

The teacher explains and demonstrates how the use of an interactive whiteboard (IWB) has transformed his mathematics teaching. It allows him to reflect on what has been learned previously, it enables students to interact and take risks, and it ‘captures’ for his later reflection, the learning that has taken place. In a ...

Teacher resource

A collaborative learning space

The teacher of the year 1 class has a highly developed understanding of how to plan and implement effective teaching and learning using ICT. At the beginning of the lesson, she uses a series of concepts maps on an interactive whiteboard to identify with her students the activities and resources that each will use to complete ...

Teacher resource

Engaging with technology

The teacher describes how information and communication technology has enabled her to transform the ways of learning in her classroom. The introduction of, and use of ICT, has increased the options available to meet the specific learning needs of students across a wide range of abilities. In the illustration, the teacher ...

Teacher resource

Explicit number fluency

Here the classroom teacher demonstrates the use of information and communication technology to develop students’ knowledge of number sequence and skills in counting from any starting point. The teacher invites individual students to use the interactive whiteboard to set the starter counter from which students will count ...

Teacher resource

Responsible use of ICT

Here the teacher explains how teacher confidence is key to safe and supportive learning environments when using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with students. She achieves this by supporting teachers develop small, self-contained projects that use secure ICT learning environments and supports them in their ...