Guide to resource types

Digital curriculum resources are available in a variety of formats, including the following:

Interactive multimedia resources

Interactive resources

These resources combine still and moving images, text, audio and animation to provide interactive multimedia experiences for students. They aim to engage, motivate and support learning of concepts and skills in a range of curriculum areas in the F-12 years. They are based on the most recent research into how children learn and how teachers can facilitate learning. They provide opportunities for multimodal learning not normally possible in the standard classroom due to complexity, safety, time or cost.

Interactive assessment resources

Interactive assessment resources

Assessment resources are interactive resources that support the formative assessment of students' understanding of concepts and skills. An integral component of each assessment resource is a report on student performance against the learning outcomes addressed by the resource. This information is captured as the student proceeds through each task.

Digital curriculum resources from partner organisations

Image Audio Video

A huge range of digital curriculum resources has been sourced from Australia and New Zealand's leading cultural and scientific institutions and private collections. The resources include moving images from documentaries, feature films, newsreels and television programs; still images such as photographs, artworks, posters, maps, documents and cartoons; and sound files including speeches, songs, radio broadcasts and interviews. Each resource comes with teachers' notes that provide educationally sound, contextual information about the item.

Collections of digital curriculum resources

Collections of digital curriculum resources

Collections assist teachers by bringing together up to 30 interactive, assessment and other digital curriculum resources with similar themes and sub-themes drawn from the curriculum.

Teacher ideas and units of work

Teacher resource

Teacher ideas highlight ways that teachers have incorporated digital curriculum resources into their learning programs, and how they have used the resources and other technology to inspire and challenge their students. Teacher ideas include links to the digital curriculum resources used in the lessons and may also include assessment objects, samples of student work and units of work developed by teachers.