Scootle release notes


Scootle 8.0

  • Upgrade to support Australian Curriculum v8.2
  • Fix SCoT alignment not working correctly
  • Fix search by HASS within Learning Paths not returning any record
  • Fix search failed to return direct matches for ACSSU073
  • Fix incorrect View count on my learning paths page


Scootle 7.0

  • Refresh Scootle home page.
  • Improve overall navigation experience.
  • Improve user dashboard.
  • Improve user account setting.
  • Remove 'Publisher's gateway' from the main navigation.
  • Remove 'Purchase' and 'Free' tabs from the search result.
  • General bug fixes.

Wednesday, 6th July, 2016

Scootle 6.18

What's new

  • Add content description and matching Scootle learning resources for the following language curriculum: Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Modern Greek, Spanish, Vietnamese.
  • Add 'HASS (F-6/7)' and 'Work studies' to the learning area search filter.

Bug fixes:

  • The refine by topic triggers a new search by topic instead of refining current search results.
  • Unable to pin any Scootle resources to Pinterest.
  • "Print report" button in Feedback tab of collaborative activities doesn't work.

Thursday, 28th April, 2016

Scootle 6.17

General bug fixes.

Friday, 11th March, 2016

Scootle 6.16

General bug fixes.

Tuesday, 23rd February, 2016

Scootle 6.15

  • Enhance Search result
  • Fix accessing eChalk resources issue
  • Improve New user registration process
  • Remove You may also like box from view resource detail's page
  • Update QLD and NSW Governments' contact details

Monday, 30TH November, 2015

Scootle 6.14

This release focuses on enhancements for learning path user experience and general bug fixes. Please read these notes and feel free to share your feedback through the contact from.

What's new

  • Add resources to learning paths: We have introduced new functionality to simplify learning path creation. Users can now add and remove resources or create new learning paths through a simple dropdown menu adjacent to each resource. Notification alerts will also inform user after resource has been added or removed.
  • Shared Learning paths: A shared learning path page has been modified to display a library of all learning paths shared by publicly or between schools and jurisdictions. Users can now filter results by year level, learning area and sort by popularity, title or recently updated. Users can also refine results by their school or jurisdiction.
  • My learning paths: Browsing your learning paths folders has an improved layout. Custom learning path folders have a clear navigation style and Folders can be renamed, exported and deleted from a new actions menu.
  • Learning path display: The overall look and feel of a public or custom learning path has been improved for better presentation of resources and comments. Resources and comments are now displayed as a clean vertical list.
  • Collaborative activities: The collaborative activity has been updated to coincide with new Learning path layout.
  • Learning path search: The search facility has been improved.
  • Icons: We have updated learning path actions with scalable vector icons for cleaner appearance.
  • Student login: We have included general bug fixes to improve student browsing of learning paths and collaborative activities.

Thursday, 26TH November, 2015

Scootle 6.13

General bug fixes

Tuesday, 15th September, 2015

Scootle 6.12

This Scootle release focused on enhancing the 'browse by Australian Curriculum' pages including a range of usability improvements. Please read these notes and feel free to submit your feedback through this contact from.

What's new

  • Browsing Scootle by Australian Curriculum: Scootle has been updated to include fifteen updated learning areas. Users can now browse up-to-date Australian Curriculum content descriptions for elaborations and matching Scootle resources.
  • Visual refresh: The overall look and feel of the 'Browse by Australian Curriculum' section has been updated to improve usability without altering the familiarity of the browsing experience.
  • Enhanced navigation: A new drop down menu has been included in the main navigation. This menu organises Australian Curriculum learning areas clearly and can be accessed easily without the need to drill down to a further sub navigation.
  • Year level sub navigation: User can now jump to specific year levels using additional sub navigation. As user scrolls, sub navigation remains fixed to the top of the screen to make it easy to jump between year levels.
  • Enhanced browsing features: A 'back to top' link has been included for all pages to improve browsing experience.
  • Updated Australian Curriculum icon set: An updated set of scalable vector icons have been included for general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities. Icons are colour coded between learning areas and now include title attributes to explain icon meaning.
  • Content descriptions: Content descriptions with no title are now organised in generic accordion to improve consistency and organisation.

Minor interface changes

  • Content description accordions appear much cleaner with better separation including slide animation.
  • Find matching resources button has been emphasised to be more noticeable for users.
  • Learning path 'Clear button' has been added to give users ability to remove selections.
  • Login button style has been improved to give it more emphasis.
  • Topics and keywords have been moved in close proximity to search bar.
  • There have been various improvements to responsive layout and usability on mobile devices including utilisation of full width of landscape iPad viewport.