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Listed under:  Science  >  Forces and energy  >  Mechanical energy  >  Motion  >  Fluid flow

Three-finned 'thruster' surfboards by Energy Surfboards, 1987-80

These are two 'Energy Flyer' square tail and round tail 'thruster' (three-finned) surfboards, manufactured by Energy Surfboards, Australia, sometime between 1987 and 1988.


Apple II software game manual - 'A2-FS2 Flight Simulator II', 1983

This is the cover of a manual for an Apple II flight simulation game called 'A2-FS2 Flight Simulator II'. It shows a stylised seated figure hovering over a runway. In front of the figure is a suspended computer screen showing another runway and various instrument readings. In the background are snow-topped mountains. Text ...


Flow meter, c1923

This is a Type A 'Orivent' Meter Recorder at the No 4 pumping well at Spotswood Pumping Station. The meter features a chart recorder to record fluctuations in water pressure, and the rate of flow was indicated on six small dial gauges. The instrument is enclosed in a glass case.

Interactive Resource

Wing loading

Wing loading is a measurement that relates the mass of an aircraft or bird to the total wing area. This resource provides an interactive for students to compare flight capabilities of planes with birds, matching those that are the most similar.

Teacher resource

Backyard Science: forces

This resource, including student videos, provide opportunities for students to identify types of forces, determine whether forces are balanced or unbalanced and compare water and air resistance. They will conduct an investigation into the relationship between friction and different types of surfaces. Students will design, ...

Interactive resource

Filling glasses: find the right graph

Look closely at some line graphs. Examine the relationship between the shape of a glass and the time taken to fill it with juice. Notice that the fluid level rises more quickly in a narrow glass than in a wide glass. Choose both sections of a line graph representing the filling rate for a glass shape. This learning object ...

Assessment resource

Filling glasses: create: assessment

Test your understanding of the relationship between the shape of a glass and the level of liquid in the glass as it fills. Show your understanding by creating irregular-shaped glass containers to match line graphs that represent the filling rates. For example, create a composite shape container to match a graph consisting ...


'The time I leapt into the sky ...' by Wanyima Wighton

'The time I leapt into the sky ...' by Wanyima Wighton is a short fiction in which the narrator describes taking flight interposed with memories of childhood - the adventures, games and imaginings. The piece is on a single page in two columns.


Speedo swimwear, 1992

This is a colour advertisement for Speedo swimwear produced in 1992. It shows a female swimmer from the US swimming team wearing a Speedo costume and adjusting her goggles before a race. The headline is 'THE SPEEDO - S2000'. The body copy is made up of a number of bullet points providing information about the unique qualities ...


Yamaha land speed record motorcycle, 1991

This is 'The BP Bullet' motorcycle, which Australians John Vevers and Ross Deeves built in 1991 to tackle the land speed record. It is painted in the green-and-gold livery of British Petroleum (BP), as well as in white, and measures 5.6 m x 0.5 m x 0.8 m. It has a long, narrow fairing (body structure designed to produce ...


Crystal Voyager, 1973: Learning from fish

This clip shows George Greenough, designer, innovator, photographer, filmmaker and surfer, shaping a surfboard fin. This is intercut with footage of Greenough surfing on a kneeboard and showing its manoeuvrability. As he puts the final touches on the fin, Greenough explains that his designs are inspired by the shape and ...


Catalyst - Planet of the Rings, 2005: The end of an era

This clip shows tense scenes in Mission Control at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA's) Jet Propulsion Laboratories on 30 June 2004 as the Cassini spacecraft is about to enter a crucial stage of its voyage to Saturn. The clip begins with an external view of the Laboratories but cuts almost immediately ...

Teacher resource

Yulunga: wirrwuyu

As in various other cultures, stone skipping (throwing) along a surface of water was played by Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. On Dunk Island in Queensland, the throwing of cuttle-fish (krooghar) bones was observed. The bones were thrown along the surface of the water like ‘skipping stones’ and ...

Teacher resource

NASA's launchpad: the great boomerang challenge

This is a resource for educators detailing the learning sequence for a boomerang design challenge in which students design and construct a returning boomerang, allowing for the greatest flight distance relative to the accuracy of boomerang return. Students think and act like engineers and scientists as they complete the ...

Teacher resource

NASA's launchpad: cooling off

This a resource for educators detailing a learning program exploring the challenges of maintaining temperatures while living in space, followed by students designing an improved cooling system like those used in spacesuits. Students are introduced to the challenges of living in places other than Earth, as well as learning ...

Moving Image

Future flight design

This is a resource for educators and students detailing a learning program in which students research and devise a solution to air transportation problems or, alternatively, design a future aircraft. In the air transportation task, students choose a career role and consider the problem from the perspective of that role's ...

Teacher resource


This is a resource for educators detailing student learning programs that explore aeronautics, encouraging them to examine the nature of flight and to experience some real-life applications of mathematics, science and technology. The activities are divided into three chapters: Air, Flight and We Can Fly, You and I. Step-by-step ...

Interactive Resource

Useful Friction

Students use this resource consisting of six slides with diagrams, written explanation and voice-over to understand how friction is needed in movement and braking. The fact that friction produces heat and causes wear is also mentioned. There is a two-question quiz and a summary slide.

Interactive Resource


Students use this resource consisting of eleven slides with diagrams, written explanation and voice-over to understand how frictional forces, including air resistance, can affect the motion of an object. There is a two-question quiz and a summary slide.

Interactive Resource

National Science Week flight special

This resource contains lessons plans containing instructions and teachers' notes for fun experiments focusing on the science of flight. Try them in your classroom and watch Elliot and the Surfing Scientist tackle them on Roller-coaster. A wide ranges of activities with clear directions and illustrations based on a range ...