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This resource provides learning strategies and sequenced activities to develop geographical terminology and encourage the use of geographical tools as students describe and compare the natural and human characteristics of places. A collection of photographs is included in the resource as stimulus material. Part 1 examines perceptions of place and develops geographical terminology to describe the local environment. Part 2 introduces geographical tools such as images, maps and data to objectively describe features of a location. Parts 3 and 4 focus on further investigation and development of geographical terminology using a range of data sources. In Part 5 students research a place significantly different to their own place. This section also offers an extension activity where students investigate a place in the Asia-Pacific region and compare it to an Australian place they have already researched.

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  • This is a valuable resource for the year 3 geography study, Places are both similar and different. It is a broad-based resource that addresses multiple content descriptions across the Geographical Knowledge and Understanding strand and the Geographical Inquiry and Skills strand, in particular, Collecting, recording, evaluating and representing; Interpreting, analysing and concluding; and Communicating.
  • This resource can contribute to teachers assessing the achievement standards in year 3 geography. It is helpful as it highlights assessment opportunities within activities and provides some guidelines to assist in judging the capacity of students to describe characteristics of different places, interpret geographical data and present findings using geographical terminology. It also provides a range of learning strategies to support teachers as they facilitate and deliver the inquiry-based activities.
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