Teacher guide Climate change and the environment - a unit of work

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This unit of work for upper primary students encourages them to consider the effects of climate change on the environment, to take action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and to educate others to do the same. An introductory exploration of the concept of climate change is followed by three further activities framed as investigations. Links are provided to a variety of online resources, including online video and an 'ecological footprint' calculator.

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Educational value
  • In the introductory activity students become familiar with the phenomenon of climate change, its causes and effects. They use an online ecological footprint tool to estimate their consumption of resources and to see how sustainable their current practices are. They are encouraged to reflect on their positive and negative actions and draw up their own climate change contracts.
  • The second investigation asks students to examine ways in which individuals can reduce their impact on the environment. They survey members of their community to discover what they know about climate change and what strategies they are using to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Students analyse the results of their community survey in the third investigation. They examine the climate-saving strategies being used and discuss the reasons for people taking action or not taking action. They prepare a report on their findings and outline how an education campaign would result in saving money as well as benefiting the environment.
  • In the fourth investigation students are required to develop action plans to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and to educate others in the community. They identify the strategies and people who will help them to achieve success. Students write and implement their plans and report back to the class on its success during the following weeks and months.
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4; 5; 6; 7

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