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Learning objects Act Ease

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Act Ease is designed to build teacher capacity and ability to teach drama in primary schools. It has been created with a group of teachers, industry experts and university sector representatives to develop teacher capacity. This resource features written, downloadable resources which are also captured through film. This video footage of many components of the resource will add to teacher learning. Act Ease complements the Vocal Ease music resources which support music education in schools. This resource can only be viewed in Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox and Safari. This resource is also downloadable as a SCORM file: the downloaded version will only work if you upload it to a webserver, such as Moodle or Canvas.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is a highly valuable teacher resource for exploring drama. It builds teacher capacity to teach the elements of drama in primary schools through a range of engaging learning experiences which are supported with video demonstrations.
  • This resource addresses outcomes in the Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus in the areas of performing and appreciating. It encourages every student to actively and consistently engage in learning that is meaningful, developmental and of a high standard.
  • This resources addresses the following outcomes from the NSW Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus: DRAES1.1 Uses imagination and the elements of drama in imaginative play and dramatic situations. DRAS1.1 Takes on roles in drama to explore familiar and imagined situations. DRAS1.2 Conveys story, depicts events and expresses feelings by using the elements of drama and the expressive skills of movement and voice. DRAS2.1 Takes on and sustains roles in a variety of drama forms to express meaning in a wide range of imagined situations. DRAS2.2 Builds the action of the drama by using the elements of drama, movement and voice skills. DRAS3.1 Develops a range of in-depth and sustained roles. DRAS3.2 Interprets and conveys dramatic meaning by using the elements of drama and a range of movement and voice skills in a variety of drama forms. DRAES1.3 Dramatises personal experiences using movement, space and objects. DRAES1.4 Responds to dramatic experiences. DRAS1.3 Interacts collaboratively to communicate the action of the drama with others. DRAS1.4 Appreciates dramatic work during the making of their own drama and the drama of others. DRAS2.3 Sequences the action of the drama to create meaning for an audience. DRAS2.4 Responds to, and interprets drama experiences and performances. DRAS3.3 Devises, acts and rehearses drama for performance to an audience. DRAS3.4 Responds critically to a range of drama works and performance styles.
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F; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6

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