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This unit uses the idea of track safe behaviours as the stimulus for Arts activities including the lines on a platform to explore artworks that use line as medium; dramatising safe behaviours through role play; and exploring sounds and music associated with trains in order to compose and perform music that simulates a train journey.

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Educational value
  • This is a highly useful resource for The Arts curriculum in Foundation and years 1 and 2. It is particularly useful for the Visual Arts, Music and Drama curricula. It is relevant for the Visual Arts content description that refers to exploring ideas, experiences, observations and imagination to create visual artworks and design. Lesson 1 of the resource engages students in activities to explore elements and principles artists use to represent ideas visually, and draw or paint a picture of safety lines in context from a perspective of looking down.
  • The resource is also very useful for the content descriptions referring to: presenting drama that communicates ideas, including stories from their community; and responding to drama and considering where and why people make drama. Lessons 2 and 3 of the resource engage students in exploring sounds and actions in performance, then considering the importance of facial expressions in conveying emotion. They then create a mini-play about keeping vulnerable family members safe whilst going on a train trip, or expressing the feelings of a child and adult when waiting at a pedestrian level crossing.
  • The resource is also useful for the content description about developing aural skills by exploring and imitating sounds, pitch and rhythm patterns using voice, movement and body percussion. In lesson 2, students explore rhythms and sounds associated with trains on the track and then create a composition about a train journey, also incorporating voice, facial expression and movement.
  • The learning experiences within the resource are designed sequentially to enable students to explore, build on and demonstrate their knowledge of about being safe near trains and tracks, through Visual Arts, Music and Drama.
  • This resource is also extremely valuable for supporting the Victorian Curriculum for The Arts in Foundation and years 1 and 2, it addresses content descriptions within the Visual Arts, Music and Drama curricula. Students explore the line and how it is used in artworks, examine the sounds and rhythms of the rail line and use dramatic performances to express the feelings people have in safe and unsafe situations around rail networks.
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F; 1; 2

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