Teacher guide Where would we bee without them?

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This is a unit of work about bees and their vital role in the food chain and in agricultural production. The unit supports primary students to understand the basic biology of bees and to differentiate between native bees and the introduced honey bees. The unit is divided into a number of activities that focus on: bee anatomy; pollination; the life cycle of the honey bee and the various roles in the hive. The unit concludes with a discussion of the risk posed by the Varroa mite and the importance of quarantine procedures to protect Australia hives from this destructive pest. The unit is accompanied by a video of the same title.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This unit provides a valuable introduction to the life cycle of honey bees appropriate for the Science understanding strand of the Year 4 science curriculum. The illustrations are particularly valuabale in demonstrating the roles of different members of colony.
  • The activities highlight the mutally beneficial relationship between bees and plants in the environment and the discussion on the impact of the Varroa mite highlights the importance of the dependancy between bees and plants to the wider ecosystem.
  • The unit also provides opportunities to explore aspects of food production related to content descriptions in the design and technologies curriculum in years 5 and 6.
Year level

4; 5; 6

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