Teacher guide Precision Sheep Management

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This is a resource about improving the wellbeing and productivity of Australian sheep. It consists of a unit of work and two Precision Sheep Management data sets (one with answers). It is accompanied by a video of the same title about the process a research program at the University of New England collects data on individual sheep. The unit of work sets out four student activities that explore: the role and value of research in primary industries; background on the Australian sheep industry; productivity impacts and improvements in today's global economies, and the role and deployment of data in precision sheep management . The fourth activity includes a culminating project to plan and suggest a designed solution to help sheep farmers improve their production management systems. The unit provides background information, pedagogical advice and a list of online resources for teachers as well as detailed task sheets for students.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is an excellent resource for studies of agriculture in 21st century Australia in the context of both strands of the years 9 and 10 design and technologies curriculum. In the Knowledge and understanding strand, the whole unit of work is particularly relevant for the content descriptions that refer to investigating and making judgments on the ethical and sustainable production of food and to explaining how products evolve with consideration of preferred futures and the impact of emerging technologies on design decisions.
  • The unit's culminating project is of significant value for the Processes and production skills strand and supports many of the strand's content descriptions. It is especially relevant to the content descriptions that refer to developing, modifying and communicating design ideas by applying design thinking, creativity, innovation and enterprise skills of increasing sophistication and to evaluating design ideas and solutions against comprehensive criteria for success.
  • The fourth activity connects with the mathematics curriculum. It draws upon statistical knowledge developed in earlier years of schooling and provides a practical and engaging application of knowledge and skill in relative to data interpretation and display, particularly of averages, pivot graphs and distribution tables 
Year level

9; 10

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