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The PreVet program is designed for students in the middle years and explores ideas around work culture and the value of literacy and numeracy in working life. It is a vast, multi-layered website providing student and teacher resources promoting job pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in remote northern Australia. The site describes 26 job pathways organised under 18 topic headings. Resources highlight the experiences of people working in communities and presents realistic and achievable career options for students. Each topic includes a magazine introducing a role model and relevant job pathways; a rich lesson (a zipped file of lesson plans and student worksheets), multimedia games, an interactive quiz, teacher notes and transcripts of all texts. Each magazine is replete with videos, showing people talking about their work and carrying out its activities; while the numerous interactive student activities throughout each topic focus on the literacy and numeracy skills employed in that pathway.

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Educational value
  • This rich resource is of outstanding value for exploring the world of work in remote locations in Australia. The resource provides a wide range of positive role models and activities that are designed to motivate students to explore different career pathways and to value the role of schooling and literacy and numeracy in work life.
  • The resource is highly relevant for a range of content descriptions in years 9 and 10 Work studies curriculum including those about investigating a wide range of occupations and the skills and personal qualities they require, sourcing career information and resources, and using career decision-making processes to filter career scenarios. Particular pathways offer insight into content descriptions about workplace communication and teamwork.
  • The resource provides highly valuable opportunities for students to focus on the general capabilities of Literacy and Numeracy as described in the Australian Curriculum. Working through a range of pathways in each of the five topic groups would contribute to students reaching age-appropriate levels in many of the learning continuums set out in these capabilities.
  • PreVET provides opportunities to focus on content descriptions in the Economics and business curriculum in year 7, especially for the content description about why individuals work, types of work and how people derive an income but its usefulness for this content description is not confined to students in remote areas. The pathways will also be of value to students living in urban and regional areas.
  • Taken together the job pathways exemplify the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures cross-curriculum priority. It is particularly relevant to organising ideas relating to connection to and responsibility for Country/Place and the contributions of Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples . The resource is also particularly inclusive of student diversity. The language levels and range of scaffolding techniques support students for whom English is an additional language or dialect.
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7; 8; 9; 10

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