Teacher guide Greener farming: protecting the environment

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This study guide examines ways Australian cattle and sheep farmers are monitoring and researching how greenhouse gas emissions are being produced by farms and steps farmers use to reduce them. This includes selective breeding programs to produce cattle and sheep whose digestive processes emit less methane, research into types of feeds that result in fewer emissions and changes in farming operations to improve energy efficiency. A range of articles and student activities explore the carbon cycle, the impact of climate change and innovative ways farmers are minimising the impact for future generations, using practical and research examples.

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Educational value
  • This resource examines climate change, the impact of rising greenhouse emissions and the ways farmers are aiming to reduce the level of emissions from farms. The resource is useful for exploring the links between scientific discovery and the technologies developed as a result of research and innovation. The study guide uses the constructivist 5E inquiry model to structure the learning experiences.
  • A key element of this study guide is how Australian farmers are reducing environmental impact through research into lowering methane emissions, powering farms responsibly and decreasing energy consumption. There is a strong emphasis on sustainability as a cross curriculum priority.
  • Links can also be made to Geography, Humanities and Work Studies.
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7; 8; 9; 10

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