Teacher guide Animal Health: the science of healthy animals

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This study guide considers the science behind breeding, genetics, health and animal welfare in the cattle and sheep industries - keeping animals free of disease and parasites, improving biodiversity and protecting against feral animals. A range of articles and student activities explores how farmers and scientists are working together to breed healthy livestock well suited for the Australian landscape and how research in the areas of genetics, vaccine development, vet science and even computer science are actively involved in improving animal health.

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Educational value
  • This study guide explores how farmers are keeping animals healthy and supporting research to maintain and improve the health of livestock. It is particularly relevant for the Biology and Science as a Human endeavour strands of the Australian Curriculum for Science using the constructivist 5E inquiry model.
  • With a strong emphasis on sustainability as a cross curriculum priority, a key element of this study guide includes how Australian farmers are focussing on animal welfare and maintaining the five freedoms of Animal Welfare, a framework adopted by many organisations in Australia.
  • Links can also be made to Geography, Health and Physical Education and the general capability of Literacy.
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7; 8; 9; 10

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