Teacher guide Biodiversity: protecting the environment

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This study guide examines the complexity and importance of maintaining a vibrant and healthy farming environment including management of the biodiversity that pasture, livestock and natural fauna and flora. A range of articles and activities explore the challenges and opportunities that cattle and sheep farmers are embracing in their daily operations to improve the health of the land and ensure better long term outcomes. The guide highlights farmers' roles as environmental stewards and biodiversity research activities being undertaken to change practices and improve natural resource management.

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Educational value
  • This study guide explores Australian farmers' roles in preserving the health and vitality of farmlands and the plants and wildlife they support. It addresses Science Understanding for Years 7 to 10 using the constructivist 5E model.
  • The key content elements of this resource include case studies looking into what farmers need to do to ensure healthy livestock and farming environments, with a strong emphasis on the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability.
  • Links can also be made to Health and Geography.
Year level

7; 8; 9; 10

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