Teacher guide Farming through history: Science and sustainability Years 3-4

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This study guide looks at the historical context of cattle and sheep farming in Australia and how farming, environment and community interact in remote and urban Australia. Students will learn how cattle and sheep production has developed from the time of the early settlers to the 21st century. They will build an understanding of how farming has and is changing, and how science is helping to deliver more sustainable farming to ensure food supply for generations to come. The guide follows the Five E’s instructional model for learning.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This guide looks at cattle and sheep farming in Australia from an historical context, exploring the influence of farmers in maintaining and growing Australia’s economy and as caretakers of the land.
  • Linking strongly to the English and history curriculum, this guide also supports elements of the science curriculum by looking at uses of arid landscapes for example (northern Australia) and how farming, environment and community interact differently in remote and populated parts of Australia.
  • The content is relevant to science understanding in relation to living things and life cycles and the Science as a human endeavour strand.
  • The resource also links to the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability.
Year level

3; 4

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