Teacher guide Burke and Wills: Then and Now

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This is a website about a journey in 2010 that retraced the 1860 Burke and Wills expedition from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria. Topics include: the landscape, the route, the flora and fauna, Burke’s tree, aboriginal bush foods and various interviews with experts and involved individuals. The resource is presented in three sections: Introductory information; Story Objects; and Story Education Resources. There are 29 Story Objects that include stories, interviews, images, videos, links, information and transcripts. There are five Story Education Resources that link to comprehensive activities, worksheets and resources.

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Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource for the year 5 History curriculum, particularly for the content descriptions that refer to: the role that a significant individual played in shaping a colony; the nature of colonial presence; and the impact of significant development, such as internal exploration. A number of Story Objects are relevant here including: Crossing an ancient crater; Crossing & Re-crossing the Terrick-Terrick Plains; Burkes Grave; Burke’s tree then and now; and Jack Thompson’s farewell. The resource titled Public Record Office: Who’s Who in the Victorian Exploration Expedition is also relevant for identifying significant individuals and their efforts in shaping a nation.
  • The resource is also relevant for the Australia and Asia depth study in the year 9 History curriculum. It relates to the content description that refers to the extension of settlement, including the effects of contact between European settlers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. A number of Story Objects are relevant here including: Near our camp at Spewah; The Arumpo Station region, then and now; and Beryl’s Supermarket.
Year level

5; 6; 7; 8; 9

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