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This is a website about the experiences of Chinese-Australian soldiers in World War I. It includes: historical facts; a collection of 12 story objects that tell the stories of individuals, events and artefacts; and a Chinese Anzacs Education kit. The kit is comprehensive. The learning activities are presented in five parts, and are titled: Attitudes, Enlisting, Case studies, Finding Chinese Anzacs and Assessment tasks. The kit also includes: an introduction, information about a Chinese Anzacs Exhibition, teacher notes, Australian Curriculum links and learning activities. The resource has: images, videos, extracts, interview transcripts, photos and links to related information and resources.

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  • This is a highly valuable resource for the year 9 History curriculum, particularly the World War I depth study as it is relevant to all content descriptions within this study. The Chinese Anzacs Education kit, located at the bottom of the resource, is comprehensive and very useful. Part 3 of the kit includes eight case studies about Chinese Anzacs: their families, roles at war, uniforms, accolades and awards and other interesting facts. The resource includes questions for students to respond to. The Enlisting section of the resource is also of use; it details enlistment and conscription information, policy and advertisements.
  • The resource is also highly relevant for the historical skills content descriptions that refer to: identifying and locating relevant sources; identifying the origin, purpose and context of sources; evaluating the reliability of sources; and locating relevant sources. Part 4 of the Education kit is useful here. Learning activities include: watching interviews with Chinese Anzacs researchers; identifying sources used to find information; considering the value of information; and examining processes used to locate the information or artefacts. The videos: Chinese Anzacs: Making Connections and Seraching for Chinese Anzacs in the Story Objects section of the resource are also relevant here.
  • The learning experiences within the resource are designed sequentially to enable students to build on and demonstrate their knowledge about Chinese Anzacs in World War I. Part 5: Further Assessment Tasks and Rubrics of the Education kit provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge of all topics covered within the resource. It includes a range of assessment types such as: open ended questions, essay prompts, creative writing suggestions, a rubric and an opportunity to enter a competition.
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