Teacher guide MoneySmart: Kieren's coin

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This is a year 2 mathematics unit of work about money. The unit is intended to take about 10 hours of teaching and learning time. It consists of 11 student activities supported by teacher notes on curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Student activities include responding to a story about a rare foreign coin, interacting with Australian and Taiwanese coins and notes, game playing, planning a fundraising event such as opening a money museum, and preparing advertising for the event. The resource provides an assessment rubric, student worksheets, supplementary resources, and links to websites and digital resources.

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  • This resource is of value for the Number and Algebra and the Statistics and Probability strands of the year 2 mathematics curriculum. Its student activities are engaging and relevant for content descriptions and elements of the year 2 achievement standard that refer, directly or indirectly, to investigating number sequences, ordering numbers to at least 1000, partitioning collections up to 1000, solving simple addition and subtraction problems, representing multiplication as repeated addition, ordering small collections of Australian coins and notes according to their value, and describing outcomes as 'likely' or 'unlikely' and some events as 'certain' or 'impossible'.
  • The resource has considerable value for the Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia cross-curriculum priority and a number of the general capabilities, connects with the organising elements of comprehending texts (literacy), estimating and calculating with whole numbers (numeracy), and inquiring - identifying, exploring and organising information and ideas (critical and creative thinking).
  • The resource is also very useful for the National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework. It supports learnings in the year 2 band in all three dimensions of the Framework. Learnings include recognising that Australian money includes notes and coins, and explaining how money is exchanged for goods and services (Knowledge and understanding dimension); using money to buy basic goods and services in 'real-life' contexts, and describing how advertising can influence consumer choices (Competence); and identifying and applying consumer and financial knowledge and skills in relevant class or school activities (Responsibility and enterprise).
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