Video Voice of fishers: Panama

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This is a video about the rights and fishing practices of the Kuna people of the Comarca, an autonomous region of Kuna Yala, which is a 226-km long strip of Panama's Caribbean coast. Opening with a map of the area, the video consists mostly of interviews with Kuna people who tell how their fishing rights were secured; distinguish between men's and women's fishing; describe how fish is prepared and shared; point out the importance of their customary practices; outline how conflicts are resolved; and explain how fishing knowledge is transmitted. The video concludes with a summary by a researcher into Kuna culture. The interviews are in Kuna and Spanish with English subtitles.

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Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource for the geography curriculum in years 6, 9 and 10. The information about the traditional fishing practices of the Kuna people and the importance of fish in their culture is useful for the year 9 Biomes and food security unit of study, especially for the content description about the capacity of the world's environments to sustainably feed the projected future population to achieve food security for the world. The video was produced as part of the Voices of Fishers project conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization to help develop voluntary guidelines on the tenure of land, fisheries and forests in the context of national food security.
  • The video is also of value for content descriptions in years 6 and 10 geography in reference to Indigenous peoples. The relevant content description for year 6 refers to cultural diversity, and for year 10 to environmental world views. The interviews with Kuna people give considerable insight into their cultural practices and affiliation with their land and sea territory, and how their world view is shaped and transmitted.
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6; 7; 8; 9; 10

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