Video TEDMED: What is the source of all life?

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This is a video clip of a TEDMED speaker, Howard Shapiro, presenting ideas about improving the nutritional value of plants to address malnutrition and the food requirements of a growing world population. The clip emphasises that poor nutrition has negative health and developmental effects on children, particularly those in developing nations, and that providing access to modern, nutritionally rich varieties of traditional crops may provide a solution. The clip includes digital representations of seeds, plants and a growing human foetus; as well as images of children suffering malnutrition and associated developmental abnormalities.

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Educational value
  • This video is a valuable resource for the Biomes and food security unit of the year 9 geography curriculum. It is specifically relevant to the content description that looks at the world's capacity to sustainably feed a growing population. The clip describes how the food and nutritional requirements of the world population could be met by improving the nutritional value of traditional food crops. The resource can also be used to show how technology can be used in agriculture to address issues of food security.
  • This video is also valuable for the year 8 Use and influence of science substrand that looks at how science understanding and technologies are applied to modern agriculture to improve yields and sustainability. It is also valuable for the year 9 Use and influence of science substrand, specifically the content description that looks at how science is used in the media to explain and justify a focus, in this case an agricultural proposal to combat malnutrition in Africa.
  • This video is of considerable value in relation to the sustainability cross-curriculum priority. This resource considers actions for sustainability in agriculture, and bases these actions on scientific understandings and technologies, and on projections of future needs. This resource also identifies the values of care and responsibility as motivations for working towards a more sustainable future.
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8; 9

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  • Geography
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

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