Assessment resource Year 5 history assessment - Investigating the colonial period in Australia: Shaping the Australian colonies

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This is an assessment package that uses the Year 5 Australian Curriculum history achievement standard to gather evidence about how well students have demonstrated what they know, what they understand and what they can do in relation to the topic 'The Australian Colonies'. Students develop and deliver a multimodal presentation that explains a significant event or development that shaped the Australian colonies during the 1800s. They explain the impact of this event or development on an individual colony. The package comprises teacher guidelines, student booklet, assessment resources and task-specific standards (rubric, matrix, continua).

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  • This resource is of significant value because of its relevance to 'The Australian Colonies' content descriptions in the Year 5 history curriculum. Students choose one of the following key inquiry questions to research:How did the gold rushes of the 1800s impact on and shape an Australian colony? How did the Eureka Stockade (Rebellion) impact on and shape an Australian colony?
  • This assessment provides an opportunity to gather evidence, using the Year 5 Australian Curriculum history achievement standard, about how well students have demonstrated what they know, understand and can do. This assessment package ensures alignment between what is taught and what is assessed.
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