Teacher guide Activity: from audit to solution

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This is a web resource about implementing an energy reduction plan in a school or business that includes a teacher guide and student worksheet. It describes a student activity involving carrying out an energy audit in discussion with school or business leadership. The activity requires students to produce a report with recommendations for reducing energy use in the organisation, including the purchase of energy-efficient appliances and changes in behaviour or practices. It encourages students to describe their collective vision for an energy-efficient school or business and identify the benefits to people and the environment as well as the economic benefits.

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Educational value
  • This resource may be useful in supporting the Science Understanding strand of the science curriculum for years 6 and 7, particularly for the content descriptions that refer to energy from a variety of sources being used to generate electricity; and some of Earth's resources being renewable, while others are non-renewable. It would also be useful for Science as a Human Endeavour for years 6 and 7 for the content descriptions about scientific knowledge being used to inform personal and community decisions; and science and technology contributing to finding solutions to a range of contemporary issues.
  • This resource supports the Sustainability cross-curriculum priority. It encourages students to carry out an energy audit and make recommendations to assist a school or business to conserve energy.
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6; 7

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