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Text Lady Wenji and the lament of the nomad flute

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This is a Chinese folk story called Lady Wenji and the lament of the nomad flute; it dates back almost 2,000 years. The story is about longing for something that cannot be: lamenting. The resource is 16 web pages in length and includes text, illustrations, arrows at the top of the resource to turn the pages forward and back, and a home button to return to the beginning of the story. The second page of the resource introduces the story.

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  • This is a valuable resource for the year 7 English curriculum. It is particularly relevant for the content descriptions about: identifying and exploring events, issues and characters represented in texts from different historical, social and cultural contexts; and comparing the way that language and images are used to create character and influence emotion. The main character of the story, Lady Wenji, and the language used to demonstrate her emotions and reactions to events within the story is useful to examine for these content descriptions.
  • It is also relevant to the Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia cross-curriculum priority, particularly the first organising idea that the peoples and countries of Asia are diverse in ethnic background, traditions, cultures, belief systems and religions. The details the story includes about Lady Wenji's life in China and beyond China in ancient Chinese times is useful to explore here.
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