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This is the story of The Mahabharata, one of the world’s longest poems that was composed over 2,500 years ago in India. It is a story of family and friends and embodies Hindu mythology and philosophy. The message of the story is that rivalry leads to destruction. The story is 21 web pages long and includes text, illustrations, arrows at the top of the resource to turn the pages forward and back, and a home button to return to the beginning of the story. The final page of the story includes the meaning of the story and questions for the reader.

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  • This is a useful resource for the year 7 English curriculum. It is relevant for the content descriptions about: discussing the aesthetic and social value of texts; comparing the ways that language and images are used to create character and influence emotions; and the ways that characterisation, events and settings are combined in narratives. The final page of the story is relevant as it reveals the message and social value of this version of the Mahabharata: rivalry leads to destruction. The images and vocabulary in the story are also useful when examining the characters and events in the story.
  • The resource is also relevant for the Asian world depth study in the year 7 history curriculum, in particular the content description about the roles of key groups, such as kings, in Indian society in the ancient world and the influence of law and religion. The roles of the kings, princes and gods in the story are useful to examine, and the way the throne is inherited and/or passed on throughout the story is also useful to explore for this content description.
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