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This is a rich, multilayered resource that presents six case studies demonstrating the 12 principles of the Urban design protocol designed for Australian cities. The case studies include: a mixed use precinct in Darling Harbour; regeneration plans for Parramatta; reservoir gardens in Paddington; a youth activities area in Geelong; a next generation planning book; and a NSW urban design policy initiative. Each case study includes detailed information, images and associated files about how it relates to the 12 urban design principles. A list with links to projects that have received an Australian award for Urban design from 2001-2012 is also provided.

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  • This is a valuable resource for the year 7 geography curriculum. It is particularly relevant to the content description about the strategies used to enhance the livability and sustainability of places, particularly for young people. The Connected, Comfortable, Safe and Walkable sections of each of the case studies provide relevant information for this content description.
  • This is also a useful resource for the year 8 geography curriculum. It is particularly relevant to the content description about managing and planning Australia's urban future. The Enhancing and Context sections of each of the case studies are useful here. They include information about how each of the case studies considers environmental sustainability and surrounding social and economic activities.
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7; 8

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