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This interactive resource takes students on a journey of discovery in the energy and mining world. Oresome world contains five games or modules: Coal, Energy, Gas, Low emissions and Mining, and within each of these there are several facilities to explore, such as the Underground mining site, Hydroelectric power station, and Rehabilitation site. As they move through the resource, students will view multimedia presentations, read factsheets, complete quizzes and challenge activities, and find out about the roles and duties involved in a variety of energy and mining careers.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This resource enables students to find out about many aspects of energy and mining, such as mining techniques, extraction processes, renewable energy sources and environmental considerations. It is a visually appealing resource using multimedia including video clips, animated images, fact sheets and interactive tables and diagrams.
  • Students' knowledge is tested in quizzes as well as bonus challenge activities that explore the scientific principles and understanding behind aspects of the energy and mining industries. For instance the chemical and physical science involved in the carbon cycle, forms and types of energy and the chemical structure of energy sources are explored.
  • This resource provides much information about career opportunities in the energy and mining industry including role descriptions of many different types of scientists, engineers and technicians including metallurgists, electrical engineering technicians and hydrologists. A description of the duties, skills and abilities is provided for each, and throughout the resource students are required to select the correct role for each facility.
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7; 8; 9; 10

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  • Science

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