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This is a web page consisting of an overview and two illustrations of practice on the GeogSpace website, a resource for teachers. Both illustrations are hands-on activities involving individuals and groups in structured play. Illustration 1 supports the creation of models of familiar places. Photographs are provided to stimulate ideas. Illustration 2 suggests a variety of methods to recreate places that are significant or special to students.

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Educational value
  • Illustration 1: Making a model of a place like mine focuses on using students' mental maps of places around them, at home, at school, and on the route between home and school, teaching key geographical concepts of the simple skills of map use.
  • Illustration 2: Mental maps uses what students already know and develops this further. Mental maps are one of the important results of a child's developmental learning about the places around them.
  • The layout of features in a model environment contributes to a greater understanding of key geographical concepts and a growing awareness of spatial patterns and associations.
  • The geographical concept of place is developed by using home, school and the route between them. Students learn to identify and represent special places and recognise the need for care of places.
  • The resource supports the general capabilities of Personal and social capability, as well as Critical and creative thinking.
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