Text Serious fun: a conversation with Yoshitomo Nara and Hideki Toyoshima

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This is a video of an interview with the Japanese pop artist Yoshitomo Nara and his long-term collaborator, the Osaka designer Hideki Toyoshima, about the 2010 exhibition 'Yoshitomo Nara: Nobody's fool'. The interview is conducted by the exhibition curator, Miwako Tezuka, and is provided in two formats: a short 3-minute clip and a longer 60-minute interview. There is a text summary of the interview and a hyperlink to the exhibition website. Nara outlines his creative process, his inspiration and philosophies, and the changing direction of his work.

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  • This is a valuable resource for the Responding strand of the Visual arts curriculum in lower secondary schooling. The content descriptions focus on students responding to the visual artworks of artists and consider the broader contexts of artworks, and their contribution to the development of art. The resource gives students the opportunity to examine the inspiration, ideas and process of working as an artist. Students could reflect on their own and other artists' works.
  • The resource contributes to students engaging with the cross-curriculum priority of Asia and Australia's relationship with Asia, particularly the fourth organising idea of the arts and literature of Asia influencing aesthetic and creative pursuits within Australia, the region and globally. The artistic career and body of work by Yoshitomo Nara exemplifies Japanese pop art and this interview gives an insight into the collaborations of two significant exponents of the art style to create a unique installation, reflective of Japanese culture within a global perspective.
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9; 10

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