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This is an online resource about Australia's groundwater that provides important information, facts and images about groundwater. It contains seven major sections: Latest news about Australia's groundwater; Basics - groundwater; Our capabilities - groundwater; Groundwater in Australia; Understanding groundwater resources; Governance - groundwater; and Related organisations - groundwater.

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  • This is a valuable resource for the Water in the world unit of study in year 7 geography. It is relevant for the content description referring to the form water takes as an available resource and the way it moves through the environment, particularly the sections Basics - groundwater, and Groundwater in Australia. Basics - groundwater contains two main sections: an overview and information about the uses of groundwater.
  • The resource is also relevant for the unit's content description referring to the nature of water scarcity and ways of overcoming it. The Our capabilities - groundwater section of the resource is useful as it presents five examples of groundwater use in Australia.
  • The resource may contribute to students attaining those elements of the year 7 geography achievement standard that refer to students describing how the environment can change due to the influence of environmental and human processes, and to the identification of interconnections between places, people and environments. The Understanding groundwater resources section is useful here, particularly Groundwater and landscape interactions, as it describes the effects of groundwater on landscapes, for example, the salinisation of soils and water.
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