Teacher guide Mapping our waterway

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This is a 29-page PDF unit of work for year 7 that comprises a two-part teaching and learning sequence on waterways. 'Assessing the health of the waterway' involves students collecting data to assess the water quality of a local waterway, while 'Creating a map of the waterway' involves them using Google maps to display data on the health of the waterway. There is also an optional activity in which students create a Google Earth tour of the waterway. Teacher information includes an explanation of the resource's relevance to the Australian curriculum, a lesson overview, learning objectives, equipment and preparation requirements and resource templates.

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Educational value
  • This is a useful resource for the year 7 science curriculum. It includes activities that are relevant to the content description in the Earth and space sciences sub-strand of the Science Understanding strand that refers to water as an important resource that cycles through the environment. Creating a map of the waterway is relevant to the content description in the Planning and conducting sub-strand of the Science Inquiry Skills strand that refers to conducting types of investigations such as fieldwork.
  • The resource is useful for the year 7 geography unit Water in the world. By creating a Google map of the waterway, students develop understandings that are relevant to the content description referring to the way water connects places as it moves through the environment. Creating a map of the waterway also relates to the content description on recording and representing data in a range of forms.
  • The resource can contribute to students attaining the achievement standards in year 7 science and geography. Collecting waterway data and creating a Google map help students to analyse how sustainable use of resources depends on the way they are formed and cycle through Earth systems; describe the interconnections between places, people and environments; use experimental methods that are fair, accurate and safe; and use graphic representations to present data.
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