Learning objects ACTmapi: significant species, vegetation communities and registered trees

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This is an one of several interactive web-based mapping resources available from this web page. This map focuses on the distribution of significant plants and animals within the Australian Capital Territory. It is a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) resource that allows users to present information about plants and animals as mapped spatial distributions. Users apply data layers to base maps or aerial photograph, which they can view at a variety of scales, and can create project files to store and continue to work on maps they have created. The resource allows users to manipulate data layers on maps to create, interpret and analyse spatial associations.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This resource may be useful for the Landscapes unit of the year 8 Geography curriculum, and of some value for the unit's content description about identifying different types of landscapes and their geomorphic landform features. The resource is very useful for the content description about creating and interpreting maps, using graphic representation, spatial information and communication technologies.
  • This resource can contribute to students attaining the achievement standard in year 8 Geography by enabling them to identify, collect and use sources of primary and secondary data, and to interpret maps of various scales to analyse spatial patterns.
  • It may also be relevant to the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability in that it identifies many rare and threatened species, and through comparing their distribution with the distribution of settlement students can associate the interactions between development and environmental protection.
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