Text Ancient China: crafts and artisans

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This is a resource titled Workshop Alley, produced by the British Museum, in which the viewer explores three ancient Chinese workshops making jade, bronze and ceramic objects. Each workshop contains: an introduction to the material being worked; an illustrated description of the processes used; one or two questions and answers about the processes and products; and four or five objects from the period made of the relevant material. The objects can be magnified and the user can zoom in to see details in close-up.

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  • This is a useful resource for the China option in the Asian world depth study in the year 7 history curriculum, particularly for the content descriptions that refer to the significant beliefs, values and practices of Chinese society in relation to death and funerary customs, and to the role of key groups such as craftspeople in Chinese society in this period. Exploration of the three workshops provides detail about the work done by specialist artisans and the ritual purposes of some of the objects they made.
  • Examining the processes and products of the three workshops may enhance students' historical skills and contribute to their attaining that element of the year 7 history achievement standard that refers to comparing and using information to answer inquiry questions. It may also assist students in explaining the role of groups in Chinese society.
  • The resource is also relevant for the Asia cross-curriculum priority, especially its organising ideas about the diversity of the peoples and countries of Asia in ethnic background, traditions, cultures, belief systems and religions, and their contribution to world history and human endeavour.
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