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This is a resource featuring six interactive maps and associated tools that address different aspects of the geography of China. The maps include geographical features and important cities, archaeological sites and political boundaries in ancient times, as well as a modern political map. The maps of ancient China depict the Shang Kingdom, Western Zhou, Eastern Zhou and Warring States periods. The tools allow the viewer to move around the maps, zoom in and out, display the scale, focus on a particular area and click on sites, cities, rivers and regions for further information.

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  • This is a useful resource for the China option of the Asian world depth study in the year 7 history curriculum. The historical maps cover the period before the First Emperor from about 1600 to 221 BCE. The terrain map is particularly useful for the depth study's content description about the physical features of China such as the Yellow River. It displays and describes six major geographical regions and the Yangzi and Yellow rivers.
  • The maps and their associated information are valuable sources of historical information and enable students to map geographical terrain against political borders. This may contribute to students attaining that element of the year 7 history achievement standard that refers to identifying and selecting a range of sources and locating, comparing and using information to answer inquiry questions.
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