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This is a reference resource for teachers that consists of a single web page providing visual and written information about the location of, and hazards associated with, space debris. This space junk includes old non-functional satellites, as well as parts of and debris from satellites, spacecraft and rockets that continue to orbit Earth. These fast-moving objects could destroy or damage working satellites in a collision. Two detailed images give an impression of the extent of the problem and the text explains how the junk is monitored and satellites are safely navigated around them.

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Educational value
  • This resource may, to a limited extent, support the Physical sciences sub-strand of the science curriculum for year 7 students, specifically the content description relating to how Earth's gravity pulls objects towards the centre of the Earth, and in this context understanding how the pull of Earth's gravity explains why space junk keeps on orbiting Earth.
  • Some of the information in the resource incidentally relates to the year 7 Uses and influence of science sub-strand relating to how science and technology contribute to finding solutions to a contemporary problem, in this context keeping valuable satellites safe. However, the resource does not facilitate exploration of how the solution to this problem may affect society or involve ethical considerations, other than the responsibility of those agencies that launch satellites to ensure that they are eventually safely disposed of.
  • The resource would contribute a little to students attaining the element of the year 7 achievement standard that relates to predicting the effect of Earth's gravity on motion, and it may give students some insight into how science and technology can be utilised to solve a real-world problem, albeit one created by the application of scientific and technical knowledge.
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