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This is a resource for educators detailing student learning programs that explore aeronautics, encouraging them to examine the nature of flight and to experience some real-life applications of mathematics, science and technology. The activities are divided into three chapters: Air, Flight and We Can Fly, You and I. Step-by-step instructions (and associated graphics) help the educator guide students through the activity in the classroom, and interdisciplinary activities are also suggested. The study of flight and the operation of aircraft is explored through the construction of a range of model gliders.

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Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource for the content description in year 2 science about how a push or a pull affects the way an object moves or changes shape. The range of student-focused activities explores pushes in terms of air and the movement of objects through the air. Students can construct air engines using balloons, or explore the wind speed and direction through constructing a simple wind sock.
  • This is a very valuable resource for the content description in year 4 science that refers to forces being exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance. Activities such as constructing hot air balloons and sled kites are some of the experimental situations that study forces being exerted by air directly on objects and the resultant movement.
  • This resource can contribute to students attaining the achievement standard in year 2 science through learning about describing changes in objects. Students learn about the changes in objects through the impact of air that acts as a force on objects, in this case in relation to flight.
  • This resource can contribute to students attaining the achievement standard in year 4 science in that they learn about contact forces and how they describe interactions between objects. Air as a contact force and its influence on flight paths is the foundation behind the range of activities in this resource.
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2; 3; 4

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