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This is an interactive resource about statistics that allows students to investigate the effect of different datasets on the mean, median and mode. The student can enter data by selecting the central graph section of the screen to add, remove or move blocks, or by typing into the text area of the screen. The three different measures of central tendency are displayed with pointers below the graph, and can also be displayed as text. Although all of the features of the activity are easy to use, no specific instructions are given on the Activity screen. The Help tab, which can easily be accessed from the Activity screen, provides detailed and useful information.

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  • This interactive resource is useful for the Australian Curriculum content description in year 9 mathematics about using mean, median and range to describe and interpret numerical datasets. The moving pointers for the mean, median and mode provide a useful visual representation of how these measures of central tendency are affected when the dataset is changed.
  • This resource can contribute to students attaining that element of the achievement standard by the end of year 9 about making sense of the position of the mean and median in skewed, symmetric and bimodal displays. It may also be relevant to the numeracy general capability continuum in year 8 in relation to recognising that mean, median and mode can be different measures of central tendency.
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  • Mathematics

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