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This is a film about the buildings, masons and architects of England and the materials they used ranging from Norman times to the 1940s. The first sequences trace the development of church architecture, culminating in the great medieval cathedrals. These are followed by the history of domestic architecture, the development of various styles of public buildings, the rise of industrial architecture and the transformation of building by reinforced concrete. The film is in black-and-white and runs for 12 mins 43 secs. Accompanying information includes a list of the buildings shown.

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  • This is a useful resource for the Medieval Europe (c590 - c1500) depth study in the year 8 history curriculum. It is particularly relevant for the depth study's content description that refers to the period's significant developments and cultural achievements including its architecture. The glory of medieval architecture is the Gothic cathedrals and the film shows how they were able to rise higher, bring in more light and incorporate stained glass and delicate vaulting.
  • The resource may also make some contribution to students attaining the year 8 history achievement standard. It provides informed commentary and a chronology of architectural development that may help students identify the motives and actions of people at the time who committed their lives to building great cathedrals and monastery churches.
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