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Learning objects Paddle-steamship animation

TLF ID M011234

This animated resource is about innovation in paddle-steam technology in 19th-century Britain. It explains how steam can drive a paddle-steamer. It includes background material, an animation of the workings of a simple paddle-steamer engine and a quiz on the names and functions of the engine parts.

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Educational value
  • This interactive animation is a useful student resource for the Australian Curriculum: History content description in year 9 referring to the technological innovations and other factors that influenced the industrialisation of Britain. Students learn about the development of steam engines in the marine area, which led to an expansion of transport in Britain.
  • This resource is useful to illustrate to students the mechanical workings of a paddle-steamer. Students name all the parts of a paddle-steamer engine and learn their function.
  • The resource is useful for the development of historical skills. Students process and synthesise information for use as evidence in an historical argument about the importance of the extension of steam power to boats and ships in the movement of goods and people, influencing the industrialisation of Britain.
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