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Text Viking women

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This resource is about the role of women in the Viking world. It includes text and some images. The resource is organised under six topic headings: Female Vikings?; Viking women in England; Scandinavian immigration; Daily life; Women of influence; and Find out more. The images are interposed in the text.

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  • This resource is valuable for the study of the Vikings. It addresses the Australian Curriculum: History year 8 content descriptions relating to the way of life in Viking society. Students learn about the important role of women within Viking society both in traditional domestic occupations and also being required to take responsibility for commerce and trade when the men were away on raids. These raids often lasted for up to a year.
  • The resource is useful for showing that women as well as men were part of the Viking groups settling in other lands after undertaking difficult sea crossings. Women were important to the establishment and future of new settlements. Emigration meant that they had to take all they would need with them, including animals, in boat voyages that could last for days.
  • It is useful for a study of the daily life of Viking women at different levels of society. It describes the range of tasks women had to undertake depending on their social class. Lower-class women would be required to look after the dairy as well as the domestic work whereas evidence shows that upper-class women took part in commerce and trade, particularly if they were widows. Clothing as well as work was an indicator of social class.
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