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Rearing tiger cubs in captivity: dataset

This chapter of an academic science book provides research data about the birth, growth and rearing of tiger cubs in captivity. Table 1 comprises the required feeding routine for hand-reared tiger cubs. It lists the routine for Day 1 following the birth, then the routine for each of the following 12 weeks.


Future Australians at Melbourne Zoo - asset 1

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary film made in 1923 that was probably entitled 'Future Australians'. It shows boys who had travelled from England to Australia as immigrants, spending a day at the zoo. They are shown watching the hippos and monkeys and riding on an elephant and a miniature train. The excerpt is ...


Future Australians at Melbourne Zoo - asset 2

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary film made in 1923 which was probably entitled 'Future Australians'. It shows boys who had migrated from England to Australia, spending a day at the Zoo. They are shown watching the keeper feed the dingoes and the lions. The excerpt is introduced by the intertitle, 'The most popular ...


Tasmanian tiger in captivity

This is silent footage of a Tasmanian tiger (‘Thylacinus cynocephalus’) in captivity. It was filmed in 1932 at Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart, Tasmania, and shows the Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, in a small enclosure. A man and what may be a small dog, seen behind the wire fence on the left of the frame, appear to be goading ...


Käkäpö, preserved by taxidermy in 1992

This is a käkäpö ('Strigops habroptilus'), the giant nocturnal parrot native to New Zealand, that has been preserved by taxidermy and attached to a log to appear as it would in its natural habitat. The käkäpö has soft, light-green feathers flecked with black, with pale yellow-green feathers on its underside. This is a female ...


The 1864 eight-hour day demonstration

This is a black-and-white print that shows the eight-hour day demonstration entering the Zoological Gardens (now the Royal Melbourne Zoo) in Melbourne, Victoria. The large procession of people, some carrying banners and flags, can be seen in the background, while in the foreground, several spectators including a few policemen ...


Lumholtz's tree kangaroo in a zoo, 1987

This is a colour photograph of a Lumholtz’s tree kangaroo looking at the camera from the branches of a tree.

Mobile app

Taronga Zoo - Wild Australia: iPad app

This iPad app is designed for Stage 2 students to use while on excursion in the Wild Australia area in Taronga Zoo Sydney and at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo. Students create a field report from observations and can email and review their editable summary poster for further study back at school. The app has intuitive ...

Mobile app

Taronga Zoo - Rainforest heroes: iPad app

This iPad app provides an experience of Taronga Zoo's stunning Wild Asia rainforest trail. Guided by volunteer researcher Heidi Greentree and a GPS map, students create a PDF field report using the photographs they have taken, observations made and information collected. This can be emailed for further research and discussion ...