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Teacher resource

Using and adapting resources

Here, the graduate teacher reflects on her use and adaptation of a professional learning resource for teaching a grid reference system in mathematics, when preparing for, and reflecting on her teaching of students at St Aloysius' School. She outlines those aspects of the resource she finds particularly beneficial. These ...

Teacher resource

Literacy and numeracy strategies

In a literacy and numeracy lesson, a graduate teacher focuses on rhyming, syllabification and pre-literacy skills. The teacher has developed a teaching sequence that integrates both literacy and numeracy strategies, with resources and activities carefully chosen to relate to the rural and farming environment familiar to ...

Teacher resource

Engaging every learner

In a year 9 class where students are studying a text for English, a graduate teacher explores ways in which every student can participate in the learning. She is able to implement, and later reflect on a range of inclusive learning strategies, such as the use of more specific questioning, assigning specific roles to particular ...

Teacher resource

Knowledge of concepts and substance

A graduate teacher reflects on how important it is for her to 'know the content' during a teaching placement. Such content knowledge involves a detailed knowledge of the texts the students have been studying in their year 9 English class, as well as the ability to contextualise these thematically and philosophically. The ...

Teacher resource

The first few weeks

A graduate teacher, in her second week at a school, uses a number of strategies to ensure student participation and engagement. She describes the strategies she has used to get to know her students and their learning requirements. She explains the strategies she has employed to cater for, and engage a range of students, ...

Teacher resource

Crossing the road

A 'specialist teacher' at O’ Connor Primary School in regional Western Australia uses ICT to engage year 1 students and support them with processing, analysing, evaluating and consolidating information about road safety. The graduate teacher begins the lesson by reading a story to the students, and then uses an ICT resource ...

Teacher resource

Inclusive play

In a play-based learning session, a pre-service teacher explores a number of strategies for how she can use her role to facilitate student participation and engagement. These include assisting students to join and rejoin groups, extending students to participate in more challenging activities, and facilitating group activities. ...

Teacher resource

Circle time

A pre-service teacher at an Alice Springs primary school uses a class reflection session with students to enable them to clarify and discuss their learning goals. Initially she uses a learning circle, where individuals can speak about their goals as well as listening to the goals of others. After reinforcing class rules ...

Teacher resource

Experiencing success

A pre-service teacher at an Alice Springs primary school explores some of the challenges for teachers in supporting Aboriginal students who may previously not have experienced success in their learning, or, may not yet be aware of what successful learning is like. In exploring some of the issues for schools and teachers, ...

Teacher resource

Quality placements

A professional learning co-ordinator has responsibility for interviewing, selecting and placing pre-service teachers with teacher supervisors at Darwin High School. She meets the pre-service teachers weekly to discuss their progress and provides opportunities for them to raise issues of concern that she attempts to resolve ...

Teacher resource

Improving my practice

A pre-service teacher at Darwin High School works intensively with her supervisor to improve her teaching practice in her major subject – Music. In a senior school classroom she learns to cater for students who are learning at different music levels, teaching between two to four different sets of curriculum content during ...

Teacher resource

Music theory

In a composite music class at Darwin High School, a pre-service teacher is required to effectively teach two music classes. With one group studying at level 3 and 4 she explains and sets a learning task building on previously studied music theory. With students at level 5, she sets an independent group-learning task. In ...

Teacher resource

Differentiated music curriculum

A pre-service teacher at Darwin High School works with music students who are operating at levels 3, 4 and 5 and are also grouped according to their interests. Even with the support of an experienced teacher supervisor, she must plan and deliver a coherent lesson that meets her students' needs and interests. One of her ...

Teacher resource

Using ICT in Science

A primary school teacher works with a university teacher to develop digital curriculum resources that can be used by graduate teachers to teach within a teaching practicum. The resources the teachers have developed are designed to assist students to understand the concept of the 'particle model'. An element of the teaching ...

Teacher resource

Animating Science

Over a series of lessons with year 5 and 6 students, two graduate teachers use experiments and information and communication technology (ICT) to teach the students about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge of how particles behave by developing computer animations ...

Teacher resource

Online curriculum

Here the e-Learning coordinator at Albert Park College explains how the school’s online curriculum is developed and supported to facilitate high quality teaching and learning. The teacher explains how their planned use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) allows her colleagues to deliver a guaranteed and agreed ...

Teacher resource

Investigating water quality

At Sydney Adventist College, a graduate teacher begins her lesson in science by asking her students to discuss whether a stream in a photograph is clean or dirty. She identifies students’ responses as potential ‘characteristics’ of the water’s quality, and organises these in a concept diagram. In the next lesson students ...

Teacher resource

Creating wikis

At Western Cape College’s Weipa Campus, a graduate teacher reflects on her use of a professional learning package. Prior to using the package to support the skills of historical inquiry, the teacher had limited confidence in her ability to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the classroom. Her experience ...

Teacher resource

Energy transfers and transformations

At Greenwood Senior High School, Hannah, a graduate teacher, sets her students the task of measuring the dependent variable in a science experiment. The experiment measures the motion and energy of an object in a virtual environment, where the user modifies the independent variable (ie the nature of the object, or the environment). ...

Teacher resource

ICT for learning

Here the teacher describes how she improves teaching and learning practices across learning areas through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Rather than work with all teachers individually the teacher develops the ICT skills of curriculum leaders so they are empowered to teach others in the school. ...