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Young people and epilepsy: symptoms and seizures

This clip shows young people describing what happens when they experience a seizure and how epilepsy affects them. Their different experiences indicate that seizures and their triggers and warnings can vary significantly. Some of the interviewees describe triggers and warnings they experience before the seizures, as well ...


Young people and epilepsy: looking ahead

This clip shows young people discussing how epilepsy might affect their future. They talk about career goals and how their diagnosis has affected career dreams. Epilepsy has played a role in shaping their life choices and aspirations, but they articulate their determination to get on with their life, and not let epilepsy ...


Young people and mental health: medication

This clip shows young people discussing medications for their mental illness. They describe the process of finding the right medication, and the positive and negative aspects, including side effects, of taking it. They explain that medication is an important part of managing their illness, but that other factors also contribute ...