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Listed under:  Technologies  >  Design  >  Architecture  >  Buildings (Structures)  >  Prisons
Listed under:  Arts  >  Design  >  Architecture  >  Buildings (Structures)  >  Prisons

'For the term of his natural life', 1927 - asset 2

This is a still image of a scene from the 1927 silent era film 'For the term of his natural life' based on the epic story by Marcus Clarke of Rufus Dawes, an English aristocrat wrongfully convicted of murder and transported to the Port Arthur penal settlement in Tasmania. The image depicts the flogging of Dawes by a fellow ...


Convicts from hulks, Woolwich, England, 1779

This is a hand-coloured engraving of convicts from the hulks at Woolwich labouring in the docks area. Two hulks are anchored offshore with rowboats shuttling to and fro. Beneath the image is inscribed 'A View near WOOLWICH in KENT showing the Employment of the CONVICTS from the Hulks'. The engraving measures 29.8 cm x 44.9 cm.


Prison hulks at Portsmouth, England, c1814

This is an oil painting on canvas, measuring 50.4 cm x 98.6 cm, of at least a dozen hulks moored at Portsmouth Harbour, England, around 1814.


Convicts boarding a hulk at Portsmouth, 1828

This is a hand-coloured etching, sized 16 cm x 24 cm, of a hulk (prison ship) anchored in Portsmouth Harbour, England. A large rowboat filled with convicts and soldiers approaches the hulk with oars held upright ready for boarding. The ship has stairs and additional rooms built on it, washing hangs from lines strung across ...


Ruins of the Model Prison, Port Arthur, 1911-15

This is a sepia-toned photograph measuring 8.2 cm x 13.2 cm. It shows the ruins of the Model Prison at Port Arthur, Tasmania. A semicircular brick wall has three barred doors that open to exercise yards. A fourth door is open, showing another brick wall with steps leading up to the closed door of a solitary confinement ...


'Port Arthur during occupation, A.D. 1860'

This is a sepia-toned black-and-white photograph measuring 8.8 cm x 13.6 cm, taken from an elevated vantage point behind a cottage in the township of Port Arthur, looking across Manson Cove with its wooden wharves to Settlement Hill. It shows the Port Arthur Penitentiary (the large building in the centre of the image), ...


'Underground cells, Point Puer', c1911-15

This is a sepia-toned black-and-white photograph (3.4 cm x 8.6 cm) showing the entrance to two cells of the former Point Puer Boys' Prison in Tasmania. The entrances are brick archways built into the side of a hill and are surrounded by bushland; there are numerous trees behind the brick structures. Text at the base of ...


Stir, 1980: 'The front office doesn't believe in promises'

This clip shows Mr Norton (Max Phipps), a prison officer, entering the cell of prisoner China Jackson (Bryan Brown) to apologise for breaking a promise. Norton sits on the bed and talks about the fear he felt when he first started working at the prison and what it took to overcome it. Jackson is silent throughout the clip. ...


Business behind Bars, 2000: McDonaldising prisons

This clip shows a number of experts commenting on the issue of the privatisation of prisons in Australia. Shots of them speaking are intercut with footage showing the inside and outside of prisons. Lawyer Pauline Spencer observes that the law-and-order agenda is often used by politicians to gain media coverage at election ...


Business behind Bars, 2000: Prison listener scheme

This clip shows Harry Papadopoulos, a prisoner in Port Phillip Prison, discussing the prison listener scheme and the reasons for its success. He explains that it allows prisoners to befriend and listen to other prisoners who feel vulnerable or suicidal or are worrying about personal problems such as upcoming court cases, ...


Barred Wives, 1993: Castle prison

This clip shows Pam and her partner, Derek, who is serving a life sentence for murder, describing the difficulties of maintaining a romantic relationship when one partner is incarcerated. The clip opens with Pam walking her dog past the prison, which she describes as the 'castle on the top of the hill' and then cuts between ...


A Breath, 1998: China's Cultural Revolution

This clip shows aspects of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China (1966-76) and re-enacts the arrest of artists Huang Miaozi and Yu Feng during that period. The clip uses archival footage, black-and-white photographs and staged re-enactments (by Nathan Young and Vina Lee) to re-create the drama of mass demonstrations ...


If Only, 2003: The cry for help

This clip shows, through an interview and re-creation of events, Roxy's story of her crime and arrest and some incidents that occurred during her imprisonment. During much of the clip she is shown telling her story to camera. Parts of the narration are re-created, sometimes using a split screen. Footage of a prison cell, ...


The Boys, 1998: 'Lousy, no-good bludgers'

This clip shows tension mounting in the Sprague family as they gather at lunch to welcome Brett (David Wenham) home from prison. Brett goads his brother's girlfriend Jackie (Jeanette Cronin) until she retaliates, revealing some as yet unspoken truths about him and setting herself apart from the family. This scene is interrupted ...


Chris Arthur recalls the Franklin River campaign, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of an interview with Chris Arthur, a Tasmanian environmentalist, who describes being arrested and imprisoned in December 1982 after participating in a blockade of a site linked to a proposed project to dam the Franklin River in south-western Tasmania. He also talks about how he has gone ...


Women prisoners in the laundry at Boggo Road Gaol, 1903

This black-and-white photograph from the 28 November 1903 edition of the 'Queenslander' shows eight women prisoners and one supervising female warder in the internal laundry of the new State Prison for Women on Boggo Road, Brisbane. The prisoners, dressed in their summer uniform of long dress, apron and mob-cap, all face ...