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Australian animals

This collection of 25 digital curriculum resources is organised into four categories - communities of Australian animals, animals in art and stories, vertebrates and invertebrates. Images, including photographs, scientific illustrations and Indigenous art, depict some well-known and some lesser known Australian animals. ...


The life cycle of echidnas

This is a colour clip showing the development of a juvenile echidna ('Tachyglossus aculeatus'), or puggle, from an egg to a sub-adult. The clip begins with a sequence showing some iconic Australian marsupials and the narrator explaining that echidnas are monotremes. Scientists are shown taking measurements and weights of ...


Platypus walking on grass, 1971

This is a colour photograph taken in 1971 of a platypus walking up a grassy hill, perhaps on the bank of a stream.


A short-beaked echidna in water, 1966

This is a colour photograph, taken in 1966, of a short-beaked echidna swimming or wading through shallow water.


Echidna rolled into a defensive ball, 1965

This is a colour photograph, taken in 1965, of a short-beaked echidna which has rolled into a defensive ball. Only its spines can be seen.


Echidna the Survivor, 1995: Spike the monotreme

This clip shows an echidna foraging for food and then entering and swimming across a small stream. The narrator explains that, while the echidna spends most of its time on land, it can swim quite easily. The clip also includes commentary from biologists Peggy Rismiller and Mike McKelvey. Rismiller and McKelvey work at the ...


Echidna the Survivor, 1995: Echidna birth

This clip shows a recently hatched infant echidna, which is called a puggle, in its mother's pouch. The tiny and hairless puggle is shown pulling itself up through the pouch to find its mother's milk. The clip cuts to a shot of the mother with her pouch being held open. The mother is then released into grassland. This clip ...


Dugong Dugong, 1980: The hunt

This clip shows Lawrence and Nicholas Dugong on a small motor dinghy at sea, hunting for dugong and marine turtles. In voice-over Lawrence explains how the brothers inherited their surname from their father, who was given the name because he was a good dugong hunter. Lawrence prepares a harpoon and explains how important ...

Interactive Resource

Particle physics masterclass

This resource is aimed at students who can be extended beyond the NSW Stage 6 Physics syllabus. It allows students to explore the workings of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland, learn key terms and concepts around particle physics, complete tasks that ...