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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Cells  >  Cell structure  >  Organelles
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Cells and energy

Cells are like chemical factories. Discover the different ways cells get energy to carry out their daily operations. Learn about the different types of metabolic processes inside cells, such as those that break down molecules to release energy and those that assemble building blocks to make more complex components.



This collection of 18 resources is organised in three categories - cell types; cell growth and division; and cell structure and function. It includes a three-dimensional view of a cell and a diagram of a cell's internal structure. Video clips show living cells under a microscope and animations of cell division and cell ...


Leaf section with stomata, mesophyll and epidermis

This colour image is a dissected cross-section of a leaf at 55 times magnification. It shows the structure of the leaf, the organisation of cells, spaces between some cells and some internal cellular features. The structure includes the epidermis, mesophyll and stomata cells.


Single stoma on a leaf surface

This is a photograph of a thin slice from the surface of leaf. The specimen has been stained and magnified 350 times under a light microscope. The stoma is surrounded by two guard cells. Chloroplasts can be seen within the guard cells.

Interactive Resource

Respiration and Life Processes

This resource consists of 3 sets of automated illustrated slides with voice over presenting information about respiration as a life process and chemical reaction in all living cells. They describe the role of mitochondria in respiration.

Interactive Resource

Plant Cells

Students use this resource consisting of seven slides with diagrams, written explanation and voice-over to understand the names and functions of structures found in plant cells. There is a two-question quiz and a summary slide.

Interactive Resource

The Role of the Leaf in Photosynthesis

Students use this resource consisting of nine slides with diagrams, written explanation and voice-over to understand the structures of the leaf and its cells that facilitate photosynthesis. There is a two-question quiz and a summary slide.