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Listed under:  Arts  >  Visual arts  >  Painting  >  Oil painting

'The opening of the first Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia by H.R.H. the Duke of Cornwall and York (later H.M. King George V), 9 May 1901', 1903

This oil painting by Tom Roberts depicts the opening of the first Parliament of Australia at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne on 9 May 1901. The bearded man in military uniform who is on the stage in the centre of the image is the Duke of Cornwall and York. Members and officers of the new parliament, and some ...


'Darby and Joan', Ina Te Papatahi, Ngä Puhi

This is an oil painting by New Zealand artist Charles Frederick Goldie (1870-1947). It measures 99.9 cm x 125 cm and was painted in 1903. It depicts Ina Te Papatahi, a female elder (kuia) from Ngä Puhi (a tribe from Hokianga in the northern North Island). She sits on the porch of a run-down meeting house (wharenui) next ...


Prison hulks at Portsmouth, England, c1814

This is an oil painting on canvas, measuring 50.4 cm x 98.6 cm, of at least a dozen hulks moored at Portsmouth Harbour, England, around 1814.


Australian gold diggings, c1855

This is an oil painting measuring 70.5 cm x 90.3 cm, painted about 1855 by Edwin Stocqueler (1829-1895), showing men working on the Bendigo gold field in Victoria. The men are panning, puddling and cradling for gold on both sides of a stream in a tent-dotted valley. The valley is stark, with only a few trees remaining. ...


Miners outside a hut in the bush at Gympie, c1870

This is a photograph, taken about 1870, which has been over-painted in oils by Richard Daintree (1832-78). It measures 38.8 cm x 60.5 cm. Seven men sit or stand in front of a bark-and-log hut in the bush at Gympie, Queensland. They are relaxed and appear to be dressed in their best clothes. One man wears what seems to be ...


'Georgina, Emily and Augusta Rose'

This group portrait was painted in about 1848 by Martha Berkeley (1813-99), who was one of Australia's earliest professional female artists. The work, which is an oil painting on metal, measuring 35.3 cm x 39.0 cm, shows her three daughters outside their new home, with the Adelaide Hills and the River Torrens in the background. ...


'How we lost poor Flossie'

This is a scene set in Collins Street, the most important street in Melbourne, on its smartest block, on a misty day in 1889. In a half-lit world, where horse-drawn carriages and pedestrians are constantly on the move, two dogs - a white terrier and a mongrel - exchange greetings. This small work, which measures 25.0 cm ...


'A holiday at Mentone'

This is an oil painting, measuring 46.2 cm x 60.8 cm, by the Australian Impressionist artist Charles Conder (1868-1909), which depicts the popular Melbourne bayside beach of Mentone. It is a bright spring day in 1888, and a group of people have come to promenade and relax at the seaside. A footbridge, which divides the ...


'Group of natives of Tasmania'

This is an 1860 oil painting by Robert Dowling (1827-86). It shows a group of Tasmanian Aboriginal people in a dark, brooding landscape. Several people are gathered around a campfire. They are wearing animal-skin cloaks and shell necklaces, and some hold spears. A man and a woman, who appear to have been hunting, are about ...


'Al fresco'

This is an oil painting on canvas of an 'al fresco' or open air informal meal. It was painted in Paris around 1904 by Australian artist E Phillips Fox (1865-1915), and measures 153.6 cm x 195.6 cm. It shows a group of adults and a young girl being served tea and cake by a maid. The model for the woman in the light-coloured ...


'Outward bound: dinner-time'

This is an oil painting, measuring 58.7 cm x 76.0 cm, by J A Gilfillan (1793-1867), that shows a family of poor people - a father, mother and young children - huddled together for shelter close to an inn, on a bleak, overcast day at a 19th-century port (possibly in Scotland). In the harbour behind them, there is a large ...


'Homeward bound: dinner-time'

This is an oil painting (58.7 cm x 76.0 cm) created by J A Gilfillan (1793-1867). It depicts the end of a day for a group of early settlers in colonial South Australia. A bullock wagon is being unloaded, wood is being gathered, a fire has been lit, and food and cooking utensils are being unpacked ready for the evening's ...


'A view of the artist's house and garden, in Mills Plains, Van Diemen's Land'

This is an oil painting on canvas (76.4 cm x 114.4 cm) created by the artist, John Glover (1767-1849). Glover immigrated to Tasmania from Britain in 1830 at the age of 63, and the painting shows his Tasmanian home and garden. Glover's new shingle-roofed stone farmhouse and wooden studio-gallery with its 'ski jump' skillion ...


'A corrobery of natives in Mills Plains'

This is an oil painting by John Glover, set in the Tasmanian bush in the early 19th century and depicting a Tasmanian Aboriginal ceremony. In the gathering twilight, a group of people are dancing around a fire; others, some of them children, sit or stand close by. The work, which measures 56.5 cm x 71.4 cm, appears to depict ...


'Evening shadows, backwater of the Murray, South Australia'

This is a large oil painting (120.6 cm x 184.1 cm), created by H J Johnstone, that depicts a twilight scene on the backwaters of the Murray River in the late 19th century. The fading light has almost turned the giant red river gums that dominate the scene into silhouettes, exaggerating the bulk of their trunks and the twisted ...


'Kitchen at the old King Street bakery'

This is an oil painting on canvas (50.6 cm x 61.2 cm) showing the kitchen area of the family home in which the artist, Frederick McCubbin, (1855-1917) was born. It is a functional space, as evidenced by the kettle set on a glowing fire; a teacup and saucer on a wooden table next to a chair; and various utensils including ...


'A break away!'

This is an oil painting on canvas (137.3 cm x 167.8 cm) created by Tom Roberts. It depicts an outback scene in the late 19th century, set in the Riverina district of New South Wales during a drought. A mob of sheep is being moved by drovers through a parched landscape in search of water and green pastures. Smelling water, ...


'Memorandum of the start of the exploring expedition'

This is a large oil painting, measuring 97.4 cm x 153.2 cm, by Nicholas Chevalier (1828-1902). It records the ceremonial departure from Melbourne in 1860 of what is known today as the Burke and Wills expedition, and was painted the same year. The leader, Robert O'Hara Burke, is shown in the centre, flanked by other members ...


'An Australian fjord'

This is a large oil painting, measuring 124.5 cm x 88.7 cm, and painted by W C Piguenit (1836-1914) between 1899 and 1901. A mist has just lifted, revealing a sweeping panorama, all slick and shiny and wet in the early morning light. Beyond a foreground of rocks and tangled vegetation, a mirror-smooth river runs off into ...


'View of the town of Sydney in the colony of New South Wales'

This oil painting, measuring 65 cm x 133 cm and painted around 1799, shows a very early view of the penal settlement of Sydney Town, approximately 12 years after first settlement (1788). It was probably painted in Britain from on-the-spot sketches made by the convict artist Thomas Watling (1762-c1814). The panorama takes ...