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Listed under:  Technologies  >  Design  >  Inventions
Listed under:  Arts  >  Design  >  Inventions
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What is a nanopatch?

Imagine if getting vaccinated was as simple as sticking a little patch on your skin. Watch this video as it explains how a nanopatch may revolutionise the way we deliver vaccines. 

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What is an optical dog nose?

What do you think an 'optical dog nose' is? Watch this video to find out how this technology can be used in the real world. Can you think of some other potential applications for this technology?

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Tractor beam on water

Have you ever dropped something at sea and wished you could control the water flow so that it would bring the object back to you? Scientists at ANU have created a tractor beam on water that can do just that! Watch this video to find out about some of the practical applications of this technology.

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Drones track endangered Australian animals

Tracking Australian animals over vast and varied landscapes can be very difficult for animal researchers. Watch this video to find out how drones are revolutionising the way researchers track endangered Australian animals.

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Droplet lens technology

Imagine if you could turn your smart phone into a microscope. These scientists have found a way to do just that. Watch this video to find out how easily and cheaply a high-resolution microscope can be made, and how this innovation is helping to revolutionise science and medicine all around the world.

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Rectangular stadium

Engineers and designers work with emerging technologies and innovations to improve on existing processes and workflows, and ultimately build better structures. Watch this ABC Catalyst video to examine how structural engineers have employed new technologies to build the roof of the new stadium in Melbourne.

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What can makerspaces offer?

Do you know what a makerspace is? Watch this video and see if you can list some of the skills and knowledge that a makerspace can provide. How important do you think it is to work collaboratively in a makerspace?


Boulton and Watt steam engine, 1785

This is a Boulton and Watt steam engine, a double-acting beam type made of cast and wrought iron. It was made by the firm of Boulton and Watt in Birmingham, England, in 1785. It was used at Whitbread's Brewery in London between 1785 and 1887.


Water shoes designed by Lawrence Hargrave, 1870

These are reproduction water shoes or skis designed by Lawrence Hargrave in 1870 to enable the wearer to walk on water. The shoes are hollow, timber and boat-shaped. Eight wooden square boards are hinged to the sole of each shoe and fold parallel to the sole to allow unimpeded forward motion of the shoes. The boards are ...


Victa Razor lawnmower, 2004

These is a 2004 Victa Razor lawnmower with a Victa VSX160 two-stroke petrol engine. The lawnmower has an alloy chassis and a blue plastic catcher with grey-and-black trim. 'VICTA' is printed in black on each side of the catcher and printed in grey between the front wheels.


Cox Stockman lawn tractor, 2005

This is a red and grey Cox Stockman 2005 ride-on lawn mower, manufactured from mixed materials by Cox Industries (Australia) Pty Ltd, Queensland. It features four black rubber tyres, an internal steel chassis, front-mounted engine, mid-mounted seat and driver control area and rear-drive axle. The external body is made mostly ...


Fowler steam ploughing engine, 1889

This is a steam ploughing engine made in Britain by John Fowler and Co, Steam Plough Works, in 1889. The engine features a massive two-speed cable drum suspended from the underside of the boiler between the firebox and front axle. There is a canopy over the driving platform. A metal basket attached to the rear of the engine ...


Timber hut at Hugh McKay's family farm, 1928

This is a black-and-white photograph of the blacksmith's hut in which Hugh McKay, owner of the Sunshine Harvester Works, created his first stripper harvester. The timber hut is seen in 1928 in its original location in Drummartin in rural Victoria, prior to its relocation to the Sunshine Harvester factory in Melbourne's ...


Madge Colegrave doing the dishes, Ferntree Gully, 1973

This colour photograph features Madge Colegrave doing the dishes at the kitchen sink in a relative's home at Ferntree Gully in 1973. The photograph was collected as part of Museum Victoria's Melbourne's Biggest Family Album project in 2006.


Vicki Colegrave cooking in newly renovated kitchen, Ferntree Gully, 1973

This black-and-white photograph features Vicki Colegrave cooking at the stove of her newly renovated kitchen in Ferntree Gully in 1973. The photograph was collected as part of Museum Victoria's Melbourne's Biggest Family Album project in 2006.


Multitubular boiler, c1896

This is a double-furnace, internally fired return multitubular boiler of dry-back scotch marine design rated at 300 horsepower. The boiler measures 4.90 m long x 2.75 m wide x 3.80 m high and has a diameter of 2.60 m.


Slaves using a cotton gin, 1869

This is a black-and-white illustration captioned 'The first cotton gin'. It shows how the US artist William L Sheppard imagined the scene of the first gin in operation, some 80 years after the actual event. Sheppard depicts two male slaves operating the machine with two white men examining the ginned cotton while female ...

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My Place - Episode 14: 1878: Henry, The dough machine

Franklin and Henry invent 'The spoon cranking dough churner', which explodes when they fail to take into account the fact that dough expands when heated.

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Outback House - building a sheep wash

Imagine leaving your home to travel back to a time over 150 years ago, to live and work on an outback farm. Sixteen Australians take part in a reality TV show about life on Oxley Downs, a sheep station built to look and work as a real station would have in the 1860s. Watch the squatter and his station hands race against ...

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Are you ready for 4D printing?

Have you heard of 4D printing, an extension of the 3D printing process that creates (prints) a 3D computer-designed object in a material such as as metal or plastic? With 4D printing, objects transform or bend themselves into their final shape. Explore this new technology, and discover what activates the morphing. Consider ...