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May O'Brien recalls school at the Mount Margaret Mission, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of an interview with Western Australian Aboriginal educator and author May O'Brien. She gives an account of the police practice of removing Aboriginal children from their families in line with government policies of the time. She recalls being fearful as a child of being removed and taken ...


Indigenous students at school, c1941

This black-and-white photograph shows five Indigenous Australian children at school. Shot in close-up the photograph shows the young children gazing attentively, pencils in hand. They are seated in two crowded rows at long wooden desks and have half-size exercise books in addition to their pencils.


Embedding Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum

This website presents a range of professional learning and digital resources to support teachers in incorporating Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum. It provides resources that enable Australian teachers and students to value, understand and explore Indigenous cultures, languages, histories and stories.


Wirriya: Small Boy, 2004: School

This clip shows 7-year-old Ricco Japaljarri Martin and his classmates at an Indigenous Australian community school near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Ricco and his classmates are shown singing a song together and Ricco says that he 'loves to learn'. Ricco is shown with a book learning about Mexico and Nigeria. ...


Children at the Day School at Point McLeay Reserve, 1927

This is a black-and-white photograph showing the classroom of the Day School at Point McLeay Aboriginal Reserve in South Australia. Its barefoot students are seated in rows, four or five abreast, on benches behind long desks. The classroom walls are covered with pictures and maps.


North Stradbroke Island school, 1917

This is a black-and-white photograph showing a group of nine children on the veranda of the Special Provisional School at Myora (Moongalba) on North Stradbroke Island near Brisbane in Queensland. The school is a single-storey building elevated on wooden stumps with a pitched roof made from wooden shingles. This image first ...


Lousy Little Sixpence, 1982: 'Pretty frocks'

This clip shows Flo Caldwell, Violet Shea and Bill Reid telling of their experiences of schooling on Aboriginal reserves in New South Wales and of the removal of children at age 13. Caldwell and Shea from Ulgundahi Island Reserve on the Clarence River describe their lack of education and both Caldwell and Reid from the ...


May O'Brien, 2007

'May O'Brien' is an excerpt from the program 'May O'Brien' (26 min), an episode of 'Australian biography', series 11 (7 x 26 min), produced in 2007. In the clip, Aboriginal author and educator May O'Brien discusses growing up in a bush camp and her early years on a remote mission. The 'Australian biography' series profiles ...

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Multilingual approaches to teaching and learning

A teacher in a remote Indigenous community is responsible for teaching literacy across all levels of the school. In the video she works initially with students in the kindergarten using an oral language focus. With a middle primary group she selects an integrated literacy experience. The lesson involves students reflecting ...

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Respecting local culture, history and language

The teaching principal explains how he recognises and values the cultural traditions of the students and families in this remote community. He describes how he builds collaborative relationships with families and Aboriginal Education Workers (AEWs), so that local culture, history, language and knowledge of country can be ...

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Evaluating teaching programs

The teachers work with students to develop language and literacy skills. Throughout the program they review and reflect on their lessons and the students’ learning.  This evaluation enables the teachers to focus on ways they can improve student learning outcomes.

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Student engagement

The teacher has created a range of opportunities for his students to engage with classroom activities, and understands the importance of catering for the diverse needs and learning preferences of students from a transient remote community in South Australia. The teacher modifies tasks to allow students with English as an ...