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Young people and asthma: symptoms and diagnosis

This clip shows six young people discussing their experiences of asthma symptoms and diagnosis. Each person describes the symptoms they experience during an asthma attack. They also discuss who diagnosed their asthma, their age at the time of diagnosis and other family members' experiences of asthma. This clip is one of ...


Using genes to unlock the secrets of Tutankhamen

Tutankhamen was an Egyptian pharaoh who ascended to the throne in 1333 BC, at the age or nine or ten. His fame in modern times is due to the discovery of his virtually intact tomb in 1922. Since then, many questions have been asked about his life and ancestry. Listen to this audio clip to find out how genetic technology ...

Moving Image

Celebrating a first birthday

Meet Samantha. It is Samantha's first birthday and her Vietnamese family is planning a very special celebration. Discover what happens at a Vietnamese first birthday celebration.


Siege of the South, 1931: Macquarie Island

This black-and-white clip shows the landing at Macquarie Island during the 1929 British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition (BANZARE) to Antarctica led by Australian geologist Sir Douglas Mawson. The scientific team leave their ship, the Discovery, in the bay and travel by launch to the breakers where ...

Teacher resource

Changing whispers into roars - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea suggests many different activities for developing students’ awareness of change over time using carefully selected images from Australia’s past. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.


Animal behaviours

This collection of 25 digital curriculum resources allows students to investigate a range of animal behaviours - defensive behaviours; reproductive behaviours; locomotion; communication; feeding behaviours; adaptive behaviours; and nesting behaviours. Images enable students to build a picture of behaviours such as the strategies ...

Teacher resource

A sense of time - unit of work

In this unit of work students develop an awareness of the passage of time and how events of the past can shape people's view of the present. It focuses on people who have lived and now live in the Murray-Darling Basin. Students will investigate their own personal histories, the exploration of the Murray-Darling Basin, all ...

Teacher resource

Our history - unit of work

This unit of work helps students develop an awareness of the passage of time and of how events of the past can shape those of the present. The unit focuses on the students’ own history and that of their community.


Great white shark attacking

This colour image is a photograph of a great white shark ('Carcharodon carcharias') breaking the surface of the water as it attacks a small prey species. The shark has a grey dorsal surface (back), a white underbelly and sharp triangular upper teeth.


Palatine Hill and the Flavian Palace

This is a colour clip showing the Palatine Hill in Rome and the vast residential and administrative complex built there by Roman emperors. A fly-through animation shows the throne room of the Domus Flavia. The animation is combined with sequences of the complex today, showing the ruins of the Domus Flavia, the Domus Augustana ...


Canberra in 1950

This is an image taken from a 1950 documentary, 'Canberra the capital', produced by Esso Australia. It shows men loading hay on a truck in a paddock in front of what was then Parliament House (now known as Old Parliament House), Canberra. It was probably shot from the steps of the Australian War Memorial.


The Queen at Parliament House, Canberra

This is a frame blow-up taken from the documentary film 'The Queen in Canberra, Sydney and Tasmania 1977', showing Queen Elizabeth II ascending the steps of what was then Parliament House (now known as Old Parliament House) Canberra, followed by the Australian Prime Minister of the time, Malcolm Fraser.


Street scenes in Tumut - asset 1

This is a clip from a silent black-and-white film of street scenes in Tumut, New South Wales, during the 1920s. The footage shows 19th-century public buildings, wide gravel streets with pedestrian pavements, street trees, a horse and cart, 1920s cars, boys on a bicycle, people wearing 1920s fashions and a man standing in ...


Townsville's tourist attractions - asset 2

This is an excerpt from 'Round about Townsville', a 9-minute silent documentary film from 1926 showing two scenes. The first begins with the intertitle, 'The Customs House', and shows the exterior of a grand corner building. The second begins with a long intertitle: 'A daily service runs to Magnetic island - so named by ...


Adelaide streets - asset 2

This is an excerpt from 'Adelaide', a 1928 silent documentary made by the Australian Development and Migration Commission. It shows public buildings, pedestrians and cars on a tree-lined avenue in Adelaide.


Geraldton streets and buildings

This is an excerpt from a 6-minute silent documentary entitled 'The new nor' west', which was filmed in 1929. It shows the town of Geraldton, Western Australia. The footage pans along the main street, Marine Terrace, and focuses on the post office, complete with clock. A man can be seen kick-starting a motor cycle, while ...


People on Darwin streets in 1926

This is an excerpt from actuality footage shot in Darwin in the Northern Territory in 1926. The first scene shows people, almost all men, walking on footpaths next to shops and businesses under wide, covered verandas. One man holds a wicker basket for shopping. The second scene includes men sitting on benches outside shops, ...


Scenes of Gundagai in 1922

This is newsreel footage of Gundagai, New South Wales, shot in 1922. An intertitle reads: 'Gundagai & Surroundings. Specially taken for Thr. Bownader, Gundabiggie Theatre.' It shows the Gundagai Court House with the Boer War Memorial in front. There are shots of the major streets of Gundagai (including Sheridan Street, ...


Darwin streets in 1926

This is an excerpt from actuality footage filmed in Darwin in the Northern Territory in 1926. The first scene shows a wide tree-lined dirt street with low buildings, and includes footage of an official building, possibly the Old Darwin Courthouse. The second scene shows a dirt street with kerbs and footpaths, lined with ...


Opening of Parliament House, Canberra, 1927 - asset 5

This is a silent black-and-white film clip of the 1927 opening of the first national Australian Parliament House, now Old Parliament House. It begins with a shot from the front of the House of a military escort leading Prime Minister S M Bruce and Mrs Bruce, Governor-General Lord Stonehaven and Lady Stonehaven, and the ...