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Losing Layla, 2001: Grief is uncharted territory

This clip shows Vanessa Gorman and her partner, Michael, walking along a street and inside a bank before cutting to Vanessa describing her grief after the death of their newborn baby, Layla. Vanessa describes the grief as a roller-coaster in a piece to camera that is followed by footage of a roller-coaster. Vanessa is then ...


'Proposal for amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act', 1983

This is the cover of a 40-page booklet titled 'Proposal for amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act to cover incitement to racial hatred and racial defamation'. It is a review of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 by the Australian Human Rights Commission. It was published in November 1983 by the Australian Government ...


My Place - Episode 9: 1928: Bridie, The funeral

It is the day of Lorna's funeral and the procession to the cemetery is commencing. It is a tradition to celebrate the life of the deceased person by holding a 'wake'. During this sombre celebration, Bridie tries to console her sister with the help of Miss Miller.

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The nature of fear

What do you think makes a monster truly frightening? What inhabits your nightmares? In this clip, discover how traditional monsters such as the vampire have evolved over time and what this suggests about our perception of evil.

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Imagery: the key to an effective poem

Close your eyes and picture a simple key. What does it mean to you? Many poems are structured around a single extended metaphor, an image that the poet returns to throughout their work, developing it into a rich and complex symbol. In this lyrical and emotive poem, Martin Ingle turns the deceptively simple image of a key ...

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Music therapy: does it work?

Did you know that music can actually have an impact on your brainwaves? Discover the fascinating discipline of music therapy. In this clip, we learn about a new study into how music therapy is having a positive effect on people's mental health.

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Interviewing tips for a video interview

You've got your questions, your equipment, your location and your interviewees. How do you do the interview? Catherine Marciniak and Benj Binks from ABC Open have some practical advice for you. This clip is one of eight on making a mini-documentary.

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Moshi moshi: join the band [Windows version]

Confirm arrangements for your band's practice sessions and concert performance. Customise a mobile phone with your own welcome message, ring tones and other settings. Use phone menus and message logs to communicate with friends and agents. Reply to text messages and voice mail by sending an address, calendar entry or photo. ...

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Garage beat: media release

Find out the background of a garage band. Build a media release to promote the band. Use a model structure and sample text to build publicity material. Include opinion adjectives such as 'fantastic' and 'valuable'. This learning object is one in a series of three objects.


'A blazing light: For his Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche' by Georgia Walters

'A blazing light' by Georgia Walters is a poem commemorating the death of Buddhist Lama Chogye Trichen Rinpoche in which the narrator remembers him fondly and ponders questions about existence and the afterlife. The poem has the subtitle 'For his Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche' and is laid out in a simple single column, ...


'On nights like this' by Josephine Rowe

'On nights like this' by Josephine Rowe is a poem in which the narrator summons memories of her absent mother captured in unhappy domestic situations. Thoughts of her mother feeding the rabbits on a cold winter's night is the one memory the narrator finds the 'nicest'. The poem is presented in a white box on a black background ...


'Untitled' ('Poem for a journey') by Anna Dunnill

'Untitled' ('Poem for a journey') by Anna Dunnill evokes the speaker's state of grief and indecision and then imagines the slow and painful movement towards healing and renewal. The poem is laid out as a single column, surrounded by clean white swirling lines growing up against a black background.


Cactus, 1986: 'It has to be removed'

This clip shows the inner turmoil felt by Colo (Isabelle Huppert) after learning that she may lose her sight unless she has an urgent operation. Instantly rebuffing the ultimatum from her eye specialist (Sean Scully) to have her left eye removed or to lose her sight completely, Colo returns to a house in the countryside ...


Rabbit-proof fence, 2002: The stealing of children

This clip shows the removal of three Aboriginal girls from their mothers, the desperate attempts by the mothers to prevent them being taken and the subsequent mourning of the women for their loss. The arrival of a car interrupts peaceful play and Maude (Ningali Lawford) calls out to the children to run. Despite their struggles, ...


Rabbit-Proof Fence, 2002: The wrong fence

This clip depicts the children trying to return home. It opens with Mr Neville (Kenneth Branagh) in his office pointing to a map and telling a policeman the plan to capture the escaped children by sending one man from the north and another from the south along the rabbit-proof fence. Images of an Indigenous tracker on horseback ...


Green Tea and Cherry Ripe, 1989: The horrors of Hiroshima

This clip from 1989 shows Masako Clarke recounting her experience of seeing the atomic bomb exploding over Hiroshima as she was leaving the city on a train, and returning to the city a week later. As she talks about seeing survivors, the camera switches from her face to show close-up images of flowers, including dahlias ...


Green Tea and Cherry Ripe, 1989: Between Japan and Australia

This clip features Chiaki Foster, a Japanese 'war bride', reflecting on aspects of her life, intercut with interviews with her husband and daughter and scenes of her playing bingo. She and her husband speak with regret about the decision not to teach their children Japanese. Her daughter says that in the past her mother ...


Breakout, 1984: Shame

The clip shows a former Japanese prisoner of war (POW) Marekuni Takahara revisiting the Cowra camp in New South Wales where he was held during the Second World War. He remembers the dishonour and shame felt by Japanese POWs for being captured and not dying in battle as their military code demanded. Historic black-and-white ...


Breakout, 1984: Ghost

This clip shows historic footage of Japanese prisoners of war (POWs) returning to a destroyed Japan accompanied by a commentary and an interview with former Japanese POWs that explain their feelings of apprehension. Japanese POWs are shown leaving a train to embark on the Japanese ship that will transport them home. Marekuni ...


Research report on John Simpson Kirkpatrick, 1947

This document is a research report dated 4 February 1947 compiled by the Australian War Memorial into the most famous ANZAC serviceman at Gallipoli in 1915 - Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick, aka Simpson - known to history as the 'man with the donkey'. The report gives an account of Simpson's courage and death by quoting ...